Trump says Phyllis Schlafly was 'there for me'

FILE - In this March 11, 2016 file photo, longtime conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly endorses Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump before Trump begins speaking at a campaign rally in St. Louis. (AP Photo/Seth Perlman, file)

Donald Trump told mourners at a funeral service for conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly that she promoted the idea that the "little person" can beat "the rigged system."

Trump spoke at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis Saturday, where he said that Schlafly is looking down on those gathered, telling them to "keep up the fight."

The Republican nominee said Schlafly was "there for me when it was not at all fashionable."

Trump concluded his brief remarks speaking to Schlafly, saying, "we will never, ever let you down."

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