5th-graders research historical figures of the American Revolution

Fifth-graders at Ira B. Jones Elementary research historical figures of the American Revolution, like Nancy Hart, John Adams and Samuel Adams. (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

Students at one Asheville City school are researching the many faces of the American Revolution.

Historical figures like Nancy Hart, John Adams and Samuel Adams were all represented in Ira B. Jones' library.

Fifth-graders researched different people who played an important part in the Revolution. Students said they were familiar with some of the people, but others were a complete surprise.

"At first, it was hard to find some information on her," said Stella, who researched Nancy Hart. "But my teacher gave me some really great sites to find out about her, and I think it's really fun to research a person who didn't even know existed."

Ms. Ross will put Wednesday's presentation into each child's digital portfolio so their parents can see it.

The social studies project included research, scripting, writing and a memorized presentation.

They did their independent research on their Chromebooks, which is another step in preparation for middle school.

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