Avery's Creek second-graders elect class president, vice president

    Avery's Creek second-graders learned about the election process by electing a class president and vice president. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

    Tuesday, thousands and thousands of voters across the country went to the polls to make their voices heard.

    And it was no different at Avery's Creek Elementary School, where second-graders who explained why they were qualified to be class leaders.

    "And the reason you should vote for me is because I am charming, generous and kind," one students said.

    "I want to be your class vice president because I am kind, respectful and friendly," another said.

    "Because I am kind and a fair player," yet another said.

    One by one, the second-graders explained to classmates why they were the best person for the job.

    After hearing the speeches, the class voted and the winners announced.

    Royale, who was elected president, wanted to make it a better class.

    "Help everybody learn and help everybody with math and reading, even though I can't read that much, and to never give up and to never say never," Royale said.

    "I just wanted to help my classmates and my teacher," said Eden, who was elected vice president. "Basically, I just wanted to help my class. That's why I wanted to be vice president of my classroom."

    And the students at Avery's Creek wanted to show their spirit. The candidates were also responsible for creating posters and writing their own speeches.

    There will be another election in the spring for a new president and vice president.

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