Avery's Creek students talk with pen pals in Chile


When you think about people who live in different countries, often it's believed they are vastly different from you and me.

But, a local school's pen pals from Chile are teaching us an entirely different story.

Everybody wants to talk about Avery's Creek because the students and staff are so proud of their school.

The dual language students are learning about Chile during their social studies unit. The kids are learning about about the different animals, as well as the climate and terrain. And a recent Skyping session helped them learn even more.

Spanish teacher Milena Blanco was the academic director at the school in Chile last year, so the connection was very personal.

"My kids, when we finish the interview, they say please tell them we miss them already," Blanco said. "And, for me, that was the best phrase that concluded that. Because, for me, for a better world, we have to get to know each other. We have to stop being afraid of each other and know that we are more similar, more alike, than different."

After the Skyping session, the dual language students at Avery's Creek talked about what they learned from talking to students the same age but who had different beliefs and cultures.

"The different place has some really unique stuff," Henry said. "I bet if someone from here went to there or there went to here, they would be like, 'Wow. I never knew that there was all of this cool stuff.'"

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