Bell Elementary students learn where their food comes from

S-NSL FARM DAY.transfer_frame_2335.jpg

Teachers and students have been celebrating National School Lunch Week and schools across the mountains celebrated with a number of activities.

Second grade students at Bell Elementary visited a traveling exhibit and learned what it takes to prepare thousands of lunches every week.

Farmer Jimmy and Mr. Patrick helped the students make butter just by using heavy whipping cream.

Farmer Jimmy wanted kids to know the importance of understanding where their food comes from and that there's a farmer to thank.

"Children may not farm for a living one day, but we all need an appreciation for agriculture because we all eat three times a day, more in some cases," he said. "And we all need to know where our food comes from -- that good nutrition is important."

Students also got to climb inside a combine tractor simulator. Inside, they got to see how crops are planted and harvested in Western North Carolina.

This exhibit travels to 11 area counties and is sponsored by the Farm Bureau.

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