Bruce Drysdale Elementary project helps storm victims

Fifth-graders at Bruce Drysdale Elementary is making bracelets to sell to raise money for victims of Hurricane Harvey. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

Local students hope to make a difference for people more than a thousand miles from the mountains.

The Henderson County students hope you'll buy a bracelet to help the people devastated by recent hurricanes.

The fifth-graders at Bruce Drysdale Elementary School have been tracking the storms. They're learning how hurricanes form and about the destruction they leave behind.

After seeing pictures and video, the class wanted to help the people in Texas who lost so much to Hurricane Harvey, so they decided to make bracelets and sell them for $1.

"My grandfather said like 88 percent of the people in Houston don't have flood insurance, so they're, they have nothing," fifth-grader Luke said.

"They don't have places to go, and their homes have been destroyed," classmate Dayvid said. "And they need resources and clothes and food, and some people can't get that"

So far, the students have raised $225. All of the money will be given to the Red Cross on Friday.

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