Claxton students discover importance of pollinators at Bee Day

Four hundred and seventy-five Claxton Elementary students took a tour through the media center and met a beekeeper, saw an observation hive, and learned about the bee garden outside as part of Bee Day. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

Tuesday was Bee Day at one Asheville school.

Students discover why the insect is so important to the food chain.

"People still think bees are just angry little pests who will sting you, but really bees don't want to hurt you, wasps do," said one student. "Bees are only doing their job of collecting nectar which does not harm the plants, and pollinating and that's (so) you can have any seeded fruit and melons."

Bees pollinate, which means we have food to eat.

Claxton Elementary was buzzing with excitement. Four hundred and seventy-five students will take a tour through the media center and meet a beekeeper, see an observation hive, and learn about the bee garden outside.

Fifth graders lead each tour. It's an annual event these kids are proud to be a part of.

"I was one of the kids to walk around to see the 5th graders and now I'm the 5th grader to walk to walk the kids around," said Bianca, a fifth-grader.

This was the third annual Bee Day at Claxton.

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