Eblen Charities keeps kids' smiles healthy with dental sealant program

    Photo: WLOS

    For the past 20 years, Eblen Charities has partnered with local schools and businesses to make sure children n the mountains have a happy healthy smile.

    We followed along as some Oakley Elementary School second graders anxiously await their turn in the dental chair.

    We should all be so excited about going to the dentist: Owen and his classmates are on a field trip to A-B Tech.

    The community college is once again partnering with Eblen Charities to offer a free dental sealant program

    Participants say it's a wonderful opportunity to teach children about the importance of taking care of their teeth

    "We're putting dental sealants on teeth to protect their teeth from bacteria growth. It's like an umbrella over their teeth," said school nurse Ebony Johnson. "So it's good to start early on their new teeth that are growing in."

    They're teeth they are going to have for awhile, so kids need to keep them safe and healthy.

    Since the program began, 30,000 students have taken part. This year between 700 and 800 students will have their teeth sealed.

    A number of local dentist offices also take part in the program every year

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