Evergreen Community Charter School hosts teachers from Guatemala

Teachers from Guatemala visit Evergreen Community Charter School through an exchange program that's designed to benefit everyone involved. (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

Evergreen Community Charter School is hosting some very special visitors from Central America.

The school teamed up with the non-profit Safe Passage for an exchange program that's designed to benefit everyone involved.

Teachers from Guatemala come here to learn from local educators about community-based learning through active and hands-on activities.

In return, teachers at Evergreen hope their students will become more aware of the world around them.

"Having spent 10 days [with] teachers from another country, and heard about their language, and their food and their toys, and what they like to do at night, and what's special about their school, and what special challenges those children face in their school -- a sense of gratitude would be amazing," Ona Armstrong, lead kindergarten teacher, said.

Students tried their hand at weaving -- an experience in what it's like to make something using patterns and designs.

Eventually, teachers from Evergreen and Owen Middle will visit Guatemala to share their knowledge.

The program is sponsored by a grant from the Rotary Club, which was written by John Dewhitt.

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