Hall Fletcher students help feed hungry bunnies at local animal rescue

Some Asheville City Schools students are learning about biology and botany with the help of some furry friends.

Students in the FEAST Garden program at Hall Fletcher Elementary were growing grass from seed to learn about the life cycle of a plant.

When they heard about the rescue of more than 60 rabbits, who were in rough shape, the students decided they wanted to help.

The bunnies' foster mom used the opportunity to explain why it's important to spay and neuter pets. And she reminded them animals are a big responsibility.

"Just like a cat or a dog, you've got to make sure you feed them every single day," foster mom Tracy said. "I have to give them fresh water every single day, and I gotta keep them brushed, too, because, if not, we've got a lot of fur running around the house."

But it's more than that, the students said.

"You need to get the right kind of food and make sure they like it instead of just give it to them," Elliott said.

Another student said there's other chores that come with having a pet.

"Like cleaning their house and giving them lots of food and water," Angel said.

There are still bunnies available at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue.

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