Students, teachers focus on reading and writing during 'Literacy Block'

Avery's Creek Elementary teachers got a chance to be the students, sharing ideas about a new countywide reading program. (Photo credit: WLOS staff)

Teachers got a chance to be the students at one Buncombe County School, sharing ideas about a new countywide reading program.

Instructional coach LaDonna Sluder told us about Buncombe County Schools' "Literacy Block," a block of 90 minutes during which students work on reading and writing.

Teachers at Avery's Creek Elementary received training on how to better implement the program. For specialists in art and music, the block can be a challenge..

That's one of the reasons why this workshop is so important.

"This professional development gave us specialists content information, and also some strategies in how we can implement it better," said music specialist Melody McGarrahan. "So along with learning the central standards in music, the students can also get extra help in literacy and math at the same time. "

About 45 teachers participated in the professional development program.

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