WNC Girl Scouts help people make the perfect s'more

WNC Girl Scouts help people make the perfect s'more. (Photo credit; WLOS staff)

In celebration of National S'mores Day, some local Girl Scouts are teaching the community about the treat's history.

The scouts hosted a free event in Asheville, where the public joined them in making a s'more. They demonstrated how to craft the perfect s'more or make it unique using Girl Scout Cookies, which are ideas they learn at camp.

The girls said the organization is credited with recording the first s'more recipe in 1927. They are also awarded patches for carrying on the legacy with events like this.

"Since we made the s'mores, we have a lot of things going on for S'mores Day. We have the patches that we'll earn, and it's just like little memories that we can keep on us and have fun with," Jesseca Ballard, of Girl Scout Troop 30212, said.

Thursday's event also included games and a photo booth.

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