PHOTOS | Community gathers for annual Crosswalk in Hendersonville on Good Friday

Photo: WLOS staff

In honor of Good Friday, more than 100 community members gathered in Hendersonville for a one-mile walk with the cross, to remember the passion of Christ.

Those taking part said it’s a way to display the significance of the day to others.

“We just want them to know that yes, we are very much aware of what today is, and the significance to our Christianity, and to honor christ in this way,” said participant Madeleine Duncan.

Participants took turns carrying a wooden cross weighing about 40 pounds.

The walk began at 11:30 a.m. at First United Methodist Church along 6th Avenue West in downtown Hendersonville.

The group walked a mile in silence and even more people joined in along the way, while others stopped in reverence.

After the walk, participants return to the church for a special Good Friday service at noon.

Before the walk, particpants gathered for a reception featuring hot cross buns, a traditional Easter sweet roll decorated with a cross.

On News 13 This Morning, Lauren Brigman showed viewers how the traditional bread is made. Meagan Evans, Food Services Director for First United Methodist Church, taught Lauren about the process live on-air.

Evans made 150 hot cross buns for the Good Friday reception before the Crosswalk.

Other places in the mountains held similar events, including Forest City and Waynesville.

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