Fiesta Hendersonville

Samba dancers demonstrate some of what you can expect to see at Fiesta Hendersonville.

Downtown Hendersonville comes alive Sunday with the sights and sounds of Latin America through Fiesta Hendersonville.

The one-day event showcases the culture of Latin America through live music, dance, food, artisans, vendors and more.

It runs from 12 to 6 p.m. on Main Street at the Visitors Center and is free to the public.

"Hendersonville is clearly a collaborative city where people work together on projects and support each other. It's vibrant cultural landscape provides the perfect backdrop for this years event," said Adriana Chavela, Founder of Hola Media, Inc. "Latinos love to passionately tell our stories and share our rich cultures and traditions with people of all ages. And while sharing our stories, it allows us to learn even more about ourselves and how we can best weave ourselves into the communities where we live."

She stopped by the studio to discuss the day and give a glimpse into some of the dancers set to perform.

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