Wake Up Workout: Modifying workouts

How to modify workouts if you're just beginning or suffering from an injury.

Instead of writing off exercise as "too hard", you can use some general rules to modify movements. F45 in Asheville joined News 13 in studio to talk about how beginners, or maybe someone with a disability or injury, can still get an effective workout in.

Trainers Kevin Ensley and Cherish Lee say there are several ways to modify any exercise to work for each individual. One is by changing the range of motion. By doing this, you are still able to complete the exercise and get results while not hurting yourself. Another easy way to modify an exercise is to change the weight that is used during the exercise. By decreasing the weight you will be able to complete the exercise with good form and decrease your chance of injury. And finally, you can change the speed and or tempo of an exercise. If you complete an exercise too quickly you will increase your chance for injury. Slowing down gives you time to focus on your form, get familiar with the exercise, and it can also decrease the intensity of the exercise.

Exercise examples:

Push Up - Modification: Push up your knees, Modification: Push up on an incline- either wall or bench, box, etc
Weighted Squats - Modification: Drop the weight, Modification: Decrease the weight, Modification: Decrease the depth of the squat
Burpee - Modification: Step back instead of jumping back, Modification: Come down to your knees for the push up, Modification: No jump at the end of the Burpee

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