What's the deal: Fit frozen desserts

(Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

Just a month into the New Year, and many are hanging on by a thread to those New Year’s resolutions to lose weight.

Now, though, a sweet treat might just help you jump that hurdle and help you stay on track without the guilt.

News 13’s Holly Headrick checked out some of the fit frozen desserts that promise low calories and great taste.

“That's everybody's biggest weakness. My biggest weakness is desserts and ice cream. Yesterday I had brownie with ice cream, so this is perfect," said Gregory McCoy.

He struggles with his sweet tooth just like so many of us. He’s not surprised by ice cream companies’ latest low-calorie creations to curb the craving.

"Halo Top is great because it's low calorie, high in protein, and low in sugar," says Brett Peterson with Whole Foods.

Most flavors come in at under 300 calories for the entire pint.

"The s'mores and cookie dough are some of my favorite ones, so it doesn't sound that healthy, but it is a lot healthier than the traditional ones," Peterson said.

One of Halo Top's top competitors is lactose-free Arctic Zero.

Gregory was happy to be our test subject for the Arctic Zero's 150 calorie pint.

"We've got the cookie with protein and fiber. It looks good. It's nice and smooth. That's pretty good, that's pretty good. Sometimes that protein stuff has a chalky taste to it. This doesn't have a chalky taste at all," he said.

If that's not your thing. How about a Red Bean Mochi Ball?

Peterson says "the red bean is incorporated in there, so you get the added protein in there. Added protein, low in sugars."

So, what exactly is mochi? Well, it's ice cream wrapped in a Japanese rice dough.

The come in all kind of interesting flavors and have 110 calories.

Finally, don't forget about the many bars all around a hundred calories, claiming to not sacrifice taste.

You can get vegan options using coconut milk, a lot of which are sweetened with stevia. There are even sorbet options and sorbet bars.

Lots of choices you don't have to give the cold shoulder too if you're counting those calories.

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