Tourist sentenced to 15 days in jail after taking Florida seashells

    An underwater queen conch. (Key West Aquarium)<p>{/p}

    WASHINGTON (CIRCA) - A Texas woman is facing legal repercussions after she and several children took 40 queen conchs from the coast of Key West, Florida.

    Diana Fiscal-Gonzalez, a 30-year-old Dallas native, was sentenced July 13 to 15 days in jail after collecting "three plastic containers" full of mostly-live conchs in July 2017, the Miami Herald reported. A Florida officer arrested her after receiving an anonymous tip.

    While it is not illegal to collect empty seashells, Florida has a law prohibiting possession of any live queen conch. Fiscal-Gonzalez apologized to the judge in charge of her case, the Herald reported, claiming she didn't know it was unlawful to take the organisms. She had collected the marine snails with the intention of cleaning and gifting them away.

    Though the Monroe County judge ruled she won't have a criminal conviction on her record, Fiscal-Gonzalez was also sentenced to six months of probation and must pay a $500 fine and $268 for court costs.

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