Close Calls: News 13 journalists recall moments they felt their lives were in danger

News13 Journalists reveal their close calls (Courtesy: WLOS)

Journalists across the country mourned after a gunman killed five people at the Capital Gazette, a newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland.

The incident forced News 13's Aaron Adelson to think back on the times he felt like his life was in danger while on the job.

Adelson also gathered stories from colleagues about their own close calls.


Darcel Grimes recalled the time a man showed up at her Mississippi apartment, banging on the door. She later found out the man had already been to her station, demanding they give airtime to a KKK leader.

The man at Darcel's door was described to her as "the bouncer" for the Klan.


Frank Fraboni recounted the moment he ran away from a front door because a person displayed a gun in the window.


Holly Headrick described two situations where she felt in danger. She says a person once told her he was going to get his gun, and she left the area immediately.

She also described an incident when people threw glass bottles at her.


Adriana Mendez recalled a time when she was talking with a man inside his home when the man became confrontational. Adriana recalled the man saying he's "not a good person," and placing a gun on the table.

Another time a man told Adriana and a photojournalist to leave the area, because he protects his property "with lead."


Karen Zatkulak says a man once knocked on the window of her news car. She turned to see the man holding a shotgun, which he cocked, and then cursed at Karen to leave.

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