Pisgah High graduate determined to help eliminate food waste in Miami

Michael Parrot (right) graduated from Pisgah High School in 2017 and went on to play football for the University of Miami, where he volunteers with Second Spoon. (Photo credit: Second Spoon)

A Pisgah High School graduate is hoping his actions off the football field inspires other athletes here in Western North Carolina.

Michael Parrot graduated from Pisgah High School in 2017 and went on to play football for the University of Miami.

It was there he met his good friend Robert Burns. Burns invited Parrot to be a part of the organization called Second Spoon, a non-profit organization started by former athlete Anthony Hasan.

He converted an old FedEx vehicle into the Second Spoon food truck by raising funds.

"We have been doing this since around April. What I've learned is there is so much waste out there," Burns said.

According to miamidade.gov, 21 percent of the population lives in poverty and, at the same time, according to the United States Department of Agriculture, 30-40 percent of food is wasted in the United States.

The University of Miami athletes hope Second Spoon can bridge the gap.

Almost every Saturday during the off-season, Burns and Parrot would collect extra food from restaurants around the Miami-Dade County area and hand it out to homeless men and women in some of Miami's most impoverished neighborhoods.

On any given Saturday, the players would hand out anywhere from 75-150 meals.

"It's a touching experience. You will be surprised how far one meal can go. Just one meal can bring so much joy to people," Burns said.

Parrot said it's about giving wholesome meals to those who need it. Food that otherwise would have been tossed in the trash.

Aside from Second Spoon providing those in need with the psychical nourishment, the goal is also to lift up the men and women spiritually,

"Our goal is to help these people reach their potential, and it's been a wonderful thing to be a part of, " Parrot said.

Parrot hopes the athletes in Western North Carolina will hear his story and learn the importance of giving back.

"I would encourage kids from home to never lose sight of the small town values we learn from home," he advised. "As far as getting involved, find something you're passionate about and find a way to use that for the greater good."

To learn more about Second Spoon or to donate to the non-profit, click here.

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