Nikki White

WAYNESVILLE, N.C. -- Our person of the week is the co-founder of a group of women that are not afraid of controversy.

The group is called WOW or Women of Waynesville, and when they come together, it's never all business. Nikki White is the co-founder of WOW.

They leave the fun in fundraising and do something that's unique to non-profits.

"What other non-profit out there actually raises money and then gives it to another non-profit?" White said.

Members of WOW speak highly of White, their fearless leader.

"Her heart and soul is in this organization and you can tell from what we've done over the past 3 years as a group of women," Michelle Briggs, another W.O.W co-founder said.

Recently, in a battle of charities, WOW raised money for the charity that did the best job of pretending to be the real players.

The place was sold out and the winner - Meals on Wheels of Haywood County - was able to win $9,100

"This is going to supply up to 1,600 additional meals," Jeanne Nabor with Meals on Wheels said. "1,600, which basically comes to five or six people for a whole year that you all are helping support."

Since beginning a few years ago, WOW has raised more than $30,000, and that money has gone to at least a half-dozen different charities.

But it was their very first fundraiser that raised more than a few eyebrows: The Women of Waynesville semi-nude calendar.

"It's been done before," White says of the calendar. "I'm sure it's been done before in other areas of course with the calendar. We're in the Bible Belt, you know this is something that doesn't go over very well with a lot of people."

With that first calendar, they were able to raise $3,000 for a domestic violence shelter.

This fall, WOW will be revealing a fourth calendar for a cause.

"There's something about the power of women," White said. "Something happens when women get together versus a group of men. There's just a totally different dynamic and there's a totally different energy and it's tangible."

The group says they'll continue to find platforms for charity, because for Nikki White and WOW, it's not just an act.

"It's just something I feel a calling to do," White said.

It's giving back.

To learn more about WOW, click here
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