Chapel where Billy and Ruth Graham got married gives insight into great love story

FILE - A file photo of Billy Graham and his wife Ruth Bell Graham. (Photo credit: BGEA)

In Rev. Billy Graham’s hometown of Montreat, news crews from all over the Carolinas documented the end of an era and the passing of Rev. Billy Graham.

“He told the crowd he was looking forward to heaven and that day has come,” News 13’s Lauren Brigman reported.

Just a mile away from the crush of cameras, a landmark at Montreat College provided insight into the beginning of something special.

“There’s sadness because we immediately think of Billy and Ruth in this place,” Senior Pastor Richard White of Christ Community Church said Wednesday.

White was Mrs. Graham’s pastor and a friend of the family.

In 1943, Billy and Ruth exchanged vows at what’s now known as Graham’s chapel.

“Yeah, they were married here, and they sat together in church whenever he was in town,” White said.

That’s why the pillars of the community are forever linked to this campus and community.

“The architecture on this campus is very special,” Montreat College President Dr. Paul Maurer said.

Dr. Maurer believes the Graham’s were great individually, but were even greater together.

“Lives lived well,” he stressed. “I think of our students on this campus, and these are the kind of role models I long for students to have.”

Rev. Graham was famous for being extremely accessible after each service at the chapel. In fact, some folks got in line twice just to shake his hand multiple times. Graham obliged every time.

“Dr. Graham had that gift for evangelism and not a lot of pastors have that gift. If you want him to reach the simple gospel of Jesus Christ and to stay on message throughout his ministry, he never moved off of Christ.”

Along with sadness, there’s profound joy.

“They are together forever with the Lord and we are nothing but happy for them,” White said. “Great reunion for them right now in the presence of the Lord.”

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