Big Rig Recalls: Keeping Highways Safe

Recalls face every vehicle, including semis and big rigs

Tuesday November 7, 2017 -- Every day millions of drivers hit the highway with vehicles facing open safety recalls.

That's the same story for bigger vehicles, including semis, big rigs and tractor trailers, so what is being done to protect other drivers sharing the roads?

Like the drivers of personal vehicles, the drivers of commercial vehicles also receive recall notices in the mail, but while one in four personal vehicles on the road has a safety issue that hasn't been fixed, commercial vehicles go through a much more vigorous maintenance process.

Each commercial driver begins their day with a pre-trip safety inspection. They are also required to go through regularly scheduled maintenance of all vehicles.

Commercial drivers are also subject to state motor carrier enforcement inspectors, which check commercial vehicles on the road every day to make sure they're following federal safety regulations.

Technology is also making a difference. Many commercial trucks are now outfitted with computer systems that can tell the manufacturer if something is wrong.

With all these protocols in place, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says there is currently a 70% completion rate for all safety recalls. The organization says its goal is 100%.

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