Special Report: Teacher by Day, _______ by Night

By day, Shannon Davis is a teacher at Candler Elementary, but by night, she's a waitress at Black Bear Cafe in Canton. News 13 found a number of teachers in both the Buncombe County Schools and Asheville City Schools systems work second jobs, everything from waitressing and bartending to catering and tutoring, but it's not unique to Western North Carolina. (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA -- Shannon Davis is no stranger to hard work.

She's up at 5:15 and in bed by 11:30 most nights, but for the past two years, it's what she fills that time with that makes her so tired.

By day, she's a teacher at Candler Elementary, but by night, she's a waitress at Black Bear Cafe in Canton.

Three days a week, she spends a full day in the classroom, changes clothes at school, drives a half hour straight to the restaurant and works until close.

"Then I go home and do things around the house, whether it's I need to go to the grocery store, wash clothes, spend time with my children, whatever, just normal basic things at home," said Davis.

This schedule isn't by choice but by necessity.

As a third year teacher in the state of North Carolina who doesn't receive any supplements from the district, she says her pay is right on track with the base salary schedule for teachers with a bachelor's degree for the 2016-2017 school year.

Highlights of the 2017 North Carolina Budget

That means she makes right around $36,000 a year. That's nearly $14,000 below the state average which sits at $49,837, according to the Department of Public Instruction.

The National Education Association puts the national average for teacher pay a little under $59,000 a year. But the North Carolina state average is about $9,000 below that average, improving the state ranking from 41st to an estimated 35th in the country when it comes to teacher pay.

But then there's Ms. Davis, with three years experience, a bachelor's degree, but no supplements.

As a single parent to two girls, one in college, the other in high school, Davis says it's hard to make ends meet, especially only getting paid ten months out of the year.

"It's frustrating and sometimes it's discouraging, but you just get through and go on," said Davis.

News 13 found a number of teachers in both the Buncombe County Schools and Asheville City Schools systems work second jobs, everything from waitressing and bartending to catering and tutoring, but it's not unique to Western North Carolina.

The most recent study from the National Center for Education Statistics found roughly one in four North Carolina teachers work a second job.

That gives the Tar Heel State the third-highest rate in the country for teachers working second jobs.

Davis got a late start, first getting her degree in Marketing Management, then becoming a stay-at-home mom for 11 years before making the switch to teaching.

"When I look at retirement, of course, I wish I had come sooner, not because I want to retire. Just because the time you had built up does make a difference financially," said Davis.

In addition to teaching at Isaac Dickson Elementary, Kelly Kanelos is also a server at Vue 1913 inside the Grove Park Inn.

During the school year, she typically works Saturdays after school but picks up more shifts when summer begins.

She came to North Carolina from Vermont which ranked 18th in teacher pay when she left.

That meant dropping $20,000 from her paycheck.

"If North Carolina doesn't catch up, it's going to be hard to sustain and keep those great teachers and recruit those great teachers to come here," she said. "That's going to be a big challenge and I think that's going to be the big impact, not only for teachers but for students and kids in general."


Meet just some of the teachers we spoke with:

April Slagle
K-4 Physical Education, Candler Elementary
Salary: $42,900 before taxes

Pay breakdown: I receive Master’s Degree pay which is a 10% increase to the base salary, and I also receive a local supplement which is 8.5% of my annual salary before taxes.

Why teaching: I chose to become a Physical Education teacher because I enjoyed being active and I wanted to help inspire others to lead physically active lifestyles. I also am very interested in health and wellness, so becoming a PE teacher was a natural fit.

Career length: Altogether, I have been teaching for 9 years. I began my career teaching Health Education for 2 years, traveling to the elementary schools in Buncombe County. For the past 7 years, I have been teaching PE at Candler Elementary.

Second job: My second job is at Black Mountain Bistro where I have worked for 11 years. The staff there is like a second family, and they are very willing to let me work part-time during the school year and full-time during the summer months.

How often: I started working at Black Mountain Bistro when I was in college and have continued to work there 1-2 days a week during the school year, and 5-6 days a week in the summer months.

Describe your schedule: A typical day for me when I work both jobs starts at 6 am when I wake up and get to work by 7:15. I leave work at 3:15 to head home and change clothes for work at Black Mountain Bistro. My shift there starts at 5 pm and usually lasts until 10 or 11 pm. Then I drive home, shower and go to bed.

Schedule effects: Working two jobs, especially on the weekends, limits the amount of time I can spend with family and friends. I often must choose between doing something fun with friends/family or working so that I can save money. I also have to plan ahead to juggle two different work schedules.

Other facts: I am currently working on my National Board Certification for teachers, which will increase my pay by 12%. I am also getting married in July.

Charles M Furlow IV
AC Reynolds High School - Business and Marketing, Grades 9-12
Salary: $49,780

What subject: Business and Marketing

Teaching salary: From the state $49,780

Do you receive supplements from the district or fall in line with the base salary schedule set by the state: Yes, the county supplement adds another 9.25% = $54,384.65 The lie former Governor McCoury told about the average teacher wage being $50,00 is not true as many countries have zero or low supplements.

Why did you become a teacher: I am a lateral entry teacher, one who comes from industry and teaches courses based on their college major, and was in Human Resources before teaching and there were no jobs. I though the greatest human resource was teaching the next generations and my grandfather and father were teachers as well after their military careers. I love working with my students and helping them to figure out what to do with their lives and provide support for the MANY teachers who have no support from family or other individuals or organizations. Every day is different and having a kid graduate, who might not have made it is one of the most rewarding things ever.

How long have you been teaching: 13 years

Where's your second job/why there: I have four-second jobs: ACT and SAT coordinator, Corner Kitchen Catering, and The Farm Event Space.

How long have you been working both jobs and how many times a week? I have been working multiple jobs my entire teaching career.

Describe your daily schedule from when you get up to when you go to bed: I am up at 6:00 and out the door to school ready to work at 7:30 and teach until 3:30. All of my part-time jobs are generally Friday or Saturday night; as I take Sunday as a day for me. I always take work home with me since there is no way teachers can do the job required of us during the 7:30 to 3:30-time frame of our contract. I average an extra 2 hours a day outside of my contract to create relevant lessons that will engage and encourage my students. I usually go to be after 11:00 and start again at 6:00

How does this schedule affect your family life: It is very difficult since I have a disabled sister and a mother who is 80 and has several health problems. I cook for them 5-6 nights a week and handle all of their financial business, as well as my own. My wife and I never had children, but my schedule makes it difficult to spend time with my "adult children". I do not get to see my wife enough and that puts strains on our relationship.

Anything else I should know about you: I try to be involved in outdoor activities and travel when time and money allow. I wish the public appreciated the value of education and supported it in their homes and votes. I get so tired of hearing about teachers have a cushy job and don't really do anything; they could get a license and come join the fun as well. Other societies are surpassing us because they value education and their children do as well.

Omar Lemus
K-4 ESL, Avery's Creek Elementary

Pay breakdown: State salary plus master's degree pay (which the state no longer gives to educators who wish to earn a master's degree) and a district supplement

Why teaching: I majored in foreign languages and came to the US 13 years ago through the Visiting International Faculty program. Over the years I have developed a drive and desire to help students whose first language is not English become successful in school and proud of their culture and bilingual skills.

Career length: 15 years

Second job: Home Depot is very accommodating to my school schedule. I work in the garden section which is an area of interest for me. I enjoy helping people.

How often: I have been working both jobs for the past 5 years. I work an average of 4 days a week.

Describe your schedule: I get up and help get my children ready for school. My wife and I both teach but we work at different schools. On days I work at Home Depot, I leave school, stop by the house and change and then go to work.

Schedule effects: When I work during the week, I see my children before they go to school and then briefly when I come home to change. I usually work all day on Saturdays so that cuts down on what we are able to do as a family. Sunday is usually spent doing the "chore" types of things people usually do on Saturdays. It leaves little time to relax and just enjoy being home.

Other facts: I started working 2 jobs because even though my wife and I are both professionals, we were struggling to make ends meet when our young girls were in daycare.

Angel Redmond
5th Grade Instructional Assistant, Isaac Dickson Elementary
Salary: $22,000

Pay breakdown: Supplement check and salary schedule set by the state

Why teaching: I love children. I've worked the past 18 years in some way or fashion around children. I've worked in childcare, after-school programs, and now in the school system. I became a teacher because I recognized the need for assistance within the school day by a strong black woman. I have received my degree in Psychology and minored in Philosophy from Shaw University in 2014. It was important for me to allow my own children to see me strive for collegiate education, even at an older age.

Career length: I honestly feel as though I've had teachable moments for the last 20 years of my life, but being hired within the school system has been for the last year and a half.

Second job: My second job is at CWA Learning Center, located right across from Isaac Dickson Elementary. I began working there as a summer camp counselor June 2016 because teachers need summer work. It was my hope while working at IDES that I would be able to enjoy leaving work at 3:15, go home and prepare dinner for my kids, and freshen up before supporting my kids in their athletic adventures. I had to ask to work during the after-school hours in October 2016, when I realized that financially I couldn't support my family. I work both jobs, Monday - Friday, every day.

Describe your schedule: 5:30 wake up, 7:15 arrive at IDES, 3:30 leave IDES, 335: arrive at CWA, 6:30 leave CWA 7:00 - arrive at one of my children's sporting events, 9:00 arrive home/ cook eat shower, 10:00 knocked out

Schedule effects: This schedule is the only schedule I know. My family has adjusted to late arrivals, too grouchy personalities, to saying "no" to purchasing things outside of a budget. My children are my life.

Other facts: I'm a single mother of three: Tyler, 18, senior at Christ School; Amber, 16, sophomore at Erwin High; Andrew, 14, freshman at Christ School

I love the youth. It is important to me that I am working to be an excellent role model for the black youth in Asheville. I attend youth sporting events on the weekends whenever possible. Though this trek in life gets kinda rough, it's the end result I strive for, helping black youth become empowered, important, and having a grand sense of self-actualization.

Patrick Gladys
AC Reynolds High School, History
Mostly Juniors (11th)

Pay breakdown: Low 40's; BCS provides a supplement

Why teaching: I became a teacher because It was always something I thought I had a calling for and wanted to do from a young age

Career length: I have been teaching for 20 years

Second job: I have a few other jobs- I am a beertender at Whistle Hop Brewing Company. It is close to my house in Fairview, the hours are flexible, and the people I work with are great. I also tend bar at weddings and other private events for Corner Kitchen Catering. I have known Joe Scully, one of the owners, for a long time and enjoy working there. I also coach the varsity soccer teams at AC Reynolds High School. I have played soccer my whole life and this was a way to stay involved in the game and continue doing something that I love to do. I have had a second job for as long as I've been teaching and typically will work 2-3 shifts per week at my other jobs- soccer is every day during the seasons.

Describe your schedule: My daily schedule is hectic. My wife and I have 2 young boys. We will get up, fix breakfast, make lunches, get them out the door and get to school. My wife is also a teacher. After teaching, if it is soccer season I will have practice or a game while my wife picks up the kids. Sometimes I will also have to head to one of the other jobs after practice and won't get home until quite late. There is a lot of time away from my family. We also have a lot of responsibilities with the school- keeping up with lessons, grading, meetings, etc. It is a lot to manage.

Other facts: My wife and I are both affected by the crazy schedule. We don't get to spend enough family time together. Sometimes I will have to miss out on important events like my kids ballgames or school activities. We do the best we can.

If you'd like to see the state's salary schedule, click here.

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