Thanks to Teachers: Alexandra Meyer

Thanks to Teachers: Alexandra Meyer

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In Alexandra Meyer's AP environmental science class at Mountain Heritage High School, each group is assigned a continent and challenged to find out how weather patterns affect plant and animal life.

Meyer says she always had a deep love of science.

"I've been an outdoors kid. My family always went camping. We spent a lot of time doing things like science," she explained. "My mom was a teacher, too, so she was really into teaching us kids things outside of school. So, then I started going to summer camps that were all science-based."

But the teaching part was not as clear-cut. Once Meyer had her science degree, she had to figure out how to use it.

"I decided, 'Well, I was really good at teaching kids in the summer, and I had a lot of fun teaching kids in the summer, so I might as well see about just using my science degree and teaching kids all the time'," Meyer recalled.

Now, in her fifth year of teaching at Mountain Heritage, Meyer has become a favorite among her AP students who want science careers.

"She's really bubbly. She's a real person," sophomore Drew Smoker said. "She doesn't try to be something that she's not. She's really funny, and she teaches well. I learn really well with her style of teaching."

"She lets us get 'hands on' and work together in groups," junior Jacob Mashburn said. "That builds group building exercises, as well, so, just everybody -- we gain so much in our class."

However, it was a couple of freshmen, including Danny Lemaster, who nominated Meyer for Thanks to Teachers. Meyer also teaches ninth grade earth science. Danny said it was his favorite class last semester and helped him adjust to high school.

"If you just think about your fun class at the end, and all your projects and the parties and the fun stuff you'll do, it's not that bad coming to high school," Danny said.

"You have to be able to be patient and willing to work with even the kids who don't necessarily want to learn, and finding a way to get those kids who don't want to be there, necessarily, to be at least happy to come into your room," says Meyer.

Danny said his love for science has grown, and he hopes to have Ms. Meyer for AP environmental science in the future.

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