Thanks to Teachers: Chris Rogers

West Swain Elementary teacher Chris Rogers throws and catches a football with his students during recess. (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

In the halls of West Swain Elementary School, it didn't take much for second-year teacher Chris Rogers to stand out. There are not many young male teachers and even fewer who wear bow ties to class.

"The kids expect it everyday now," Rogers laughed. "They ask me if I don't wear one, 'Where's your bow tie today, Mr Rogers?' It's become my signature thing, I guess," the third grade teacher said.

Another "signature Chris Rogers" is how the young teacher rocks recess, throwing and catching a football with his students. It doesn't take long before another class joins the fun, both girls and boys.

Rogers says the bond he forms with the kids, and the kids with each other at recess, pays off in the classroom.

"Be able to answer questions easier, talk to each other, have classroom discussions with me and them, and when I need to speak with them one-on-one, it helps them feel more comfortable and not like they're in trouble," Rogers said.

"It makes me feel better whenever I go back to class and stuff," third grader Ayden Smiled said. "I get all my energy out and all that."

"I think for me to stand out encourages the kids to do the same and not be afraid to be who you are," Rogers said. "I think, in life, that's the most important thing you can do -- just be yourself and be true to who you are."

Rogers, who originally thought he would become a police officer, says a high school class project led him to teaching. He's looking forward to a long career in the classroom and rocking recess with his football.

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