Thanks to Teachers: Heather Corn


Students in Heather Corn's special education class at Brevard Academy get a tasty life lesson.

Mama Bears Food Truck has turned into 'Senora Corn's Cantina' for the day, with a menu created by the students. "Everyone wants to do that right now because it's fun and a good way of learning," says eleven-year-old Evie, one of Corn's students.

Evie is talking about the class project of creating a taco truck, including naming and advertising their truck, designing the menu and, for some students, handling the money.

Corn says it's a fun project students at all levels can learn from.

Corn has taught special education for only four years, but had many more years of experience with special kids. "My boys have autism," Corn explains. She adds being a successful special education teacher is all about building relationships, with the students. "To me, the number one thing is relationship, because without that relationship and that trust it's really hard to have a successful classroom," says Corn. "She's very sweet and kind and she knows how to help people when they get a little frustrated, and she's a very, very good teacher," says Evie, who has autism. "She embraces his differences," says parent Courtney Brown of Ms. Corn with her 14 year old son. "She doesn't judge him for his differences. Everything that makes Paul who he is...she embraces it."

"I also understand first hand what it's like to go through having children with special needs, the IEP process, being on both sides of the table," says Corn. "I feel like she's almost like my second mom, even though I already have 2 moms...third mom" says Evie laughing.

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