Thanks to Teachers: Kelly Corriher

Photo credit: WLOS Staff

It's not quite "show time" in Kelly Corriher's sixth grade class at Eblen Intermediate School. However, Corriher's English-language arts students continue to write lyrics and work on performing their rap tunes in preparation of a class rap battle at the end of the year.

"They have to be pretty familiar with the topic," Corriher said when asked how her students learn from rapping. "They have to be familiar with the beat and the syllables on each line. And, it's really like writing poetry to a beat."

Corriher said she was born to be a teacher.

"I'm the oldest of four, and I would make them play 'school' with me all the time," she recalled.

Ten years into her career, the longtime elementary school teacher made the switch to sixth grade when she came to Eblen last fall.

It turned out to be a good fit.

"I nominated her because she's been a phenomenal teacher this year, and she's always finding new ways for us to learn new subjects," student Riley Lockridge said. "It's just fun being in her class."

"My favorite thing about her is that she takes all these units and makes them more fun," student Ernesto Arellano said.

In addition to rapping about what they've learned in school this year, the students are also studying medieval times. Part of that unit involves designing and creating castles.

"I like giving them the chance to create things instead of just taking in information," Corriher explained.

It's that creativity, Ernesto said, that makes him look forward to Ms. Corriher's class each day.

"It's amazing!' he exclaimed.

"They're on task. They're excited about it. They're interested in the topics now," Corriher added.

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