Thanks to Teachers: Misty Trembath

Thanks to Teachers: Misty Trembath

In Misty Trembath's first grade class at Old Fort Elementary, children learn to read and write at their own pace. "Getting to watch them progress," reflects Trembath on why she likes teaching first grade. "By the time they leave us, it's such a big change in them. That's what I like. I like watching them just grow." But, Trembath does much more than watch. She was nominated for 'Thanks to Teachers' by the parent of a former student, because of the many hands-on activities in her class. Some students like Ellie enjoy working on their own. "I don't have to read with anyone like I had to do in kindergarten," says the 7 year old. "I get to read to myself."

Many of the students do better in a group. "She helps me read when I have trouble, and she helps me do math and stuff," says 6 year old Kelsey. "She helps us sound out the word," adds first grader Tukhur. Trembath explains Old Fort Elementary uses a guide called 'The 7 Habits of Happy Kids.' The habits, which include things like being proactive and 'begin with the end in mind,' are taught to Trembath's first graders' level. "Are you going to be a soda can and explode when someone makes you mad?" Trembath asks her students. "or are you going to be a water bottle and just stay nice and calm and walk away from that situation?

Whether it's reading and writing or The Seven Habits' life lessons, Trembath says the family atmosphere of Old Fort Elementary gives her the passion to do whatever it takes to help her students succeed. "Some of our teachers have seen children's children come through. I think that's one of the things that makes it so special. It's not just my kids. This (Old Fort Elementary) is our kids."

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