Rutherford Co. teacher mentors everyone from kindergartners to high schoolers

Photo credit: WLOS Staff

We say "Thanks to Teachers" by spotlighting a Rutherford County woman who makes believers out of kids by being positive and uplifting. Brittany Wright of Lake Lure Classical Academy is a slam dunk whether she's teaching little kids or mentoring high schoolers.

"I love teaching kindergarten," says Wright. "The younger kids are so young at this age and they just enjoy learning."

Teachers don't just teach. They motivate and cultivate excitement about learning.

"Five little spackled frogs, singing on a hollow log," she sang with kids in class Wednesday.

"Eating the most delicious bugs, yum yum!"

"The most important thing I think for teaching kindergarten is to teach them how to be a student and to have fun while they're doing it," she explained.

Ms. Wright brings out the best in young people, even when they have their doubts.

"I do not know how to draw!" a boy said after being asked to draw a frog.

"Just draw circles," Wright said patiently.

"I try to be an inspiration to them and be positive," she said.

That approach makes her a natural at her other job.

"I'm also the basketball coach," Wright reveals.

She coaches the girls high school basketball team at Lake Lure Classical Academy. Wright was an athlete at North Henderson High and Mars Hill University.

"I feel like I'm kind of high energy as a coach," she said.

Ms. Wright's kindergarten teacher at Edneyville Elementary was Sharon Salatino, who is now retired. She says Salatino was a big inspiration.

Today, Wright's approach with all age groups has a common thread.

"Well you have to teach the kids how to play basketball and how to be on a team," she said. "But you also have to teach the kids in kindergarten how to work together and how to be a student in the classroom."

By preaching the power of positivity, she puts her students and players in a position to do well.

"I hope they remember that I encouraged them to be the best that they can be," says Wright.

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