Thanks to Teachers: Sarah Duffer

Thanks to Teachers: Sarah Duffer

On Asheville High School's first day of class after winter break, Environmental Science teacher Sarah Duffer is teaching one of her favorite subjects, human population growth.

"It shows that numbers aren't just numbers. Numbers that we look at, like infant mortality rate show what life is like for people," Duffer explained.

The class listens intently to the colorful and passionate teacher, a teacher very much at home here. "I'm a third generation graduate of Asheville High School," Duffer said.

Duffer said she was a senior when environmental science classes were first offered at Asheville High. After graduating from UNC-Asheville, Duffer wasn't sure what she would do for a career. She just needed a job.

"An old colleague picked up the phone and said, 'Asheville High School needs a science teacher. Would you come back and teach?' And I thought, 'You know, that feels right,' and I've been here for 14 years," Duffer recalled.

Senior Isabella Hile says Duffer is her favorite teacher.

"I don't think I could learn as much as I do in this class in any other class," Hile said. She added that Ms. Duffer has inspired her to study and work in environmental sciences.

Junior Peyton Terry says Duffer has made her a better student.

"She really caters to each individual student's, like, how they learn," Terry said. "So, if you're an auditory learner or you benefit from more 'hands-on' type activities, she kind of works with you."

A former Asheville High School student, Dominique Thomas, nominated Duffer for Thanks to Teachers.

Duffer said there is nowhere else she would rather be than Asheville High.

"I love my students. I love this campus. I love all the different types of diversity this population has," she said.

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