Thanks to Teachers: Shanna Chandler

Photo credit: WLOS Staff

In Shanna Chandler's first grade class at Fletcher Elementary School, Colton Biberos helps his classmates figure out a math problem.

It's much more complicated than the first grade math many of us remember.

"It is a lot more challenging for the kids these days," Chandler said. "They have a lot more expected of them."

Even so, Colton's mother said her son seems to be thriving thanks to Ms. Chandler.

"Makes me smarter," Colton replied when asked what he likes most about his teacher.

Colton's mom says her son had a rough start in kindergarten and began first grade hating school. But Shanna Chandler, a teacher for more than 20 years, went the extra mile to connect with the little boy.

"We would try to figure out what he likes to do. He likes to clean things, so he goes and helps the janitor sometimes," Chandler said.

"Windows and floors," Colton said when asked what he likes to clean.

"His reading has come a long way," Chandler said of Colton's progress. "He's starting to enjoy reading more, I think, and he enjoys being at school more I think than he has in the past."

Fellow first-grader Maysa said she enjoys Ms. Chandler's class.

"She's sweet and she's nice," Maysa said of her teacher.

When it comes to solving the equation of teaching and connecting with first-graders, Chandler said flexibility is key.

"It doesn't matter what you plan for, it's always not going to work out the way you planned for it to be. Everything is different, every day," she said.

Today was a day to celebrate Ms. Chandler for her 'Thanks to Teachers' nomination.

"I was just super happy inside," Maysa said when she found out her teacher was nominated for Thanks to Teachers.

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