Thanks to Teachers: Sydney Bailey, North Henderson High School

Thanks to Teachers: Sydney Bailey, North Henderson High School 

On the stage of North Henderson High School, Sydney Bailey's students get creative, playing the game 'Animal Hospital.' "If they are comfortable outside their own little box, we can move forward in more creative ways," says Bailey.

The theater teacher of 5 years says acting is in her blood. "My mom was an actress. She was with the Flat Rock Playhouse," says Bailey. "Then, my dad was a set designer, so I just kind of grew up in the theater."

But, Sydney Bailey has another legacy she's fighting with all she has. "My mom actually passed away from cancer when she was three years older than I am now," she says.

Bailey's own drama began last October when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Soon after, she had brain surgery, radiation and chemo. The chemo treatments will continue for 1 more year.

Sydney Bailey says her students and co-workers are helping her get through it all. "They are kind, sweet and hilarious," Bailey says of her North Henderson family. " And, I just think laughing is the best way to get through anything hard."

At least one of Bailey's students says he's looking into acting colleges because of her. "I've looked at going to Shenandoah, actually, because of her, And, what she's done in her life has really inspired me to be an actor," says senior Logan Spellicy.

While classmate Anna Baldwin is not sure whether or not she will pursue acting as a career, she knows Sydney Bailey and her theater classes will help in life after high school. "After doing multiple plays throughout the years, it's really helped me be more confident in myself," says Baldwin.

Meanwhile, the young teacher says one positive part of her health scare is it has forced her to focus. "I'm spending time on the things I love, and teaching is one thing I love."

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