Thanks to Teachers: Teresa Morgan

Thanks to Teachers: Teresa Morgan

Teaching sixth grade math at Cherokee Middle School was a huge career change for Teresa Morgan. Morgan worked 20 years in the construction industry, but says her love of math was always there. "I ran a construction office and worked with math in application, I guess you could say, and worked with my own children at their school, and did a lot of tutoring, things like that," says Morgan.

Morgan, who is in her third year of teaching at Cherokee, says she can pull many lessons from her former career. "I can say, 'this is why you will need to know this. What is the area of this room? Because the carpet is coming and we need the square footage of this carpet and it's this much."

But, Morgan is also learning from her students. " Getting to delve in to the children's culture here, because it was all new to me," says Morgan when asked one of the things she most enjoys about Cherokee Middle.

The kids have helped her learn some of the Cherokee language. Morgan's students say she is a good teacher because she's helped them make the leap from elementary school to middle school. "She understood how we were and we were scared, and that kind of helped a lot, because she wasn't like 'do this, that.' she kind of walked us through it," says student Jenna Cruz.

"She helps us a lot when we need help, and she's able to help each and every one of us," adds student Madison Ledford. Teresa Morgan says her new career often involves late nights developing lesson plans, but no regrets. She encourages others who are considering becoming teachers later in life. "If you want to get up every morning and feel like you're making a huge difference...teaching."

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