Thanks to Teachers Antonio Kling, Haw Creek Elementary

Thanks to Teachers Antonio Kling, Haw Creek Elementary

At Haw Creek Elementary School, story time in Antonio Kling's kindergarten class is very entertaining.

Kling reads the children a story about a bunny rabbit that would not listen.

As he reads, every character in the story has a different voice.

Kling's facial expressions and animated movements have the children's complete attention.

"I love to get into character, because it helps them to enjoy the book more, and possibly embrace the whole reading in general," says Kling, a teachers assistant at Haw Creek for more than 20 years.

Kindergarten teacher Jessica Moody says she is also learning from her assistant.

"He likes to read very big and exciting. Of course, they're more into it," Moody says about her students. "They're going to pay more attention, and, then, in turn, they retain more information."

A couple of years ago, Kling left Kindergarten to oversee Haw Creek's computer lab.

"The love of kindergarten was pulling on me," says Kling. "I wanted to be back in the classroom where I could just be a part of what they're being a part of."

Now, Kling says he's thrilled to be back in the kindergarten classroom, doing what he does best.

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