Thanks to Teachers: Jenny Collins

Thanks to Teachers: Jenny Collins

In a world of classrooms and books, sometimes high school students need an escape to a different type of learning. Students at Franklin High School said they are getting that in Jenny Collins' agriculture class.

The students spent class inside the school greenhouse, re-potting numerous plants in preparation for the big Future Farmers of America plant sale. The longtime ag teacher and FFA coordinator said she is teaching what she loves.

"I grew up on a farm right in the Franklin area, on the outskirts of it. And, we had cattle, mainly. And then I helped my grandmother garden a lot and loved it. Eventually, I decided that's what I wanted to do," Collins said.

"She gives me hands-on experience, and that really helped me," student Jonathan McClure said. "I'm more of a hands-on person than book work and all that."

Student Julia Valdez said Collins' fun and easy class has also helped her do well in her other classes.

"She doesn't give us all that stress like some teachers do, and give us pressure, and telling us, 'You have this week to do this and that week to do it," Valdez said.

But Collins makes it clear her class involves plenty of learning and work, just a different type.

"I'm big on survival," Collins said. "If something did happen, then, hey, how can you feed yourself? What are you going to do for yourself and your family? This is a way to show them they can."

"Oh, it's really fun," Valdez said. "I get to learn how to garden, and I really wanted to try that."

"They're learning without realizing that they're learning." Collins said.

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