Thanks to Teachers: Pam Bolton

Thanks to Teachers: Pam Bolton

After 36 years in education, one teacher who's also a track coach at Hendersonville High School, is calling it quits.

But as News 13's Tammy Watford tells us the race is far from over, in this week's Thanks to Teachers.

Pam, "the worst day of my life was parents _______...A hate to read ________."

Those are some of the questions students in Pam Boltons english honors class will answer. It's a reaction paper, "when you read it, What do you think? Don't think about what you think just write down what you think."

In other words...She wants their knee jerk reaction.

So they write ...and write...and write some more...For at least 15 minutes. But there's no pressure.

Pam Bolton, retiring teacher, "part of it is they don't get to do a lot of crative writing anymore in NC high schools. Everything is working towards the act, reserach papers. So this is just a little creativity."

A chance to have fun., which is just one of the many things they like about Pam Bolton.

Frankie Suber, 11th grader, "she's always there for you..she's making sure you do your stuff. She wants you to succeed, like she really earned my respect because she cares."

Pam, "now we go to the computer lab for about 10 class periods. Everything is off NC Wise Owl and Google and its a whole new world, and I've had to change with these guys changing."

She isn't afraid of change, she learned to adapt. The track coach knows life isn't a race, it's a journey.

Dylan, 11th grader, "and on top of that just keeping us going and at the finish line I always know she'll be there..right there at the end."

Grace Welch, 11th grader, "and she's like a grandma.. she's my 3rd grandma. Because anything that I need help with I can stay after class and ask her I can come to her before or after school she's just awesome."

And for that, we say thanks.

Pam bolton says she is blessed to have had the opportunity to meet so many young people.

She praised her former students for being successful adults.

Coach Bolton says once she retires, she will transition into a certified track offical.

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