WLOS hosts round table on Climate Change

WLOS hosted a Your Voice, Your Future Round Table called "Climate Change: Causes, Impacts & Solutions." (Photo credit: WLOS Staff)

News 13 hosted a Your Voice, Your Future Round Table discussion "Climate Change: Causes, Impacts & Solutions" on Thursday, Oct. 5.

The study of climate change is a relatively new science--its beginnings dating back to the early 1800s, when the greenhouse effect was first proposed.

Compared to other sciences, that is a very small period of time, but in that time, scientists have been able to collect vasts amounts of information to understand the changes our planet is undergoing.

Those discoveries have led to international panels and policies aimed at reducing the human factor of global warming.

However, there are some scientists who say that climate change is occurring not because of man, but because it is a natural cycle of the planet.

Some have also raised questions over the data used to support man-made climate change and the accuracy of that data.

Panelists discussed those issues in-depth, along with why climate change isn't just an environmental issue, but a political one.

We also looked at the science and data on hand, the patterns being seen right now, and solutions for the future.

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