10 animals whose lives were changed forever by Asheville Humane Society

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At Asheville Humane Society, it's always the season for hope and charity. An astounding 10,000 local animals were saved by AHS in 2017 alone. Some of the animals who come through their doors are in desperate need of help in order to get healthy and find a good home.

The Adoption Center does all this work with the help of local volunteers and receives no government funding. In fact, it relies solely on private donations. To continue Asheville Humane Society’s lifesaving work in 2018, they need support from people like you. Could you become a donor?

We’d love to share all 10,000 stories, as all are special. Instead, we’ve put together 10 of the most memorable stories of animals helped by Asheville Humane Society this year. But be prepared, these heartwarming stories are sure to bring happy tears to your eyes!

1. Miss Butterworth

Miss Butterworth came to AHS with lots to love, weighing 20.2 pounds. That's about double what her small frame should hold. This poor girl was nearly unable to move or breath.

AHS was able to put Miss Butterworth into long-term foster care. After months of exercise and a special diet, she is now down to 13 pounds and will soon be available for adoption.

2. Spectra

When found, Spectra was alone, desperately sick and injured. Brought to AHS for care, this kitten, who was barely over a pound, is now recovering from emergency, high-risk eye removal surgery. AHS is providing care for Spectra as she heals and she will remain in a foster home until she is ready for adoption.

The surgery that saved Spectra's life totaled $800, and was paid for with contributions made by amazing and generous AHS donors.

3. Trooper

At three months old, Trooper was the victim of a hit and run. He was rushed to REACH and Asheville Humane Society was able to help. Suffering from severe breathing issues and a broken pelvis, this puppy was placed on oxygen and later admitted to surgery.

He is now resting in temporary foster care. His extensive supportive care, diagnostics, and specialized surgery will cost around $5,000. If you would like to contribute to AHS and help with the remaining costs for the care of animals like Trooper, visit ashevillehumane.org.

4. Oreo

When this 16-year-old Shih Tzu first came to AHS, his fur was dirty and matted, he was missing part of his lower jaw, had a dental disease, masses on his body and suffered from many other age-related conditions.

After lots of love and care from AHS, Oreo was placed for adoption. His new mom, Brandy, told AHS that she hopes to have Oreo for a long time, but even if he only has six more months to live, it will be the best six months of his entire life.

5. Dolly

Here is Dolly's touching story, as told by her new mom, Michelle.

"My first thought when I saw this old girl was, 'She's blind, she's got to take medicines for her eyes, she's kind of gunky and gross. I don't know if I can handle it.' I said, 'I'll sleep on it' and started to walk out the doors back to my car . . . One sentence ran through my mind: 'YOLO. That's my old blind gunky dog.' I turned on my heel, faced the volunteer and said, 'I don't need to think about it, I want to take her home.'" #adoptaseniordog

6. Pixi

When Pixi went missing in July of 2016, her owner, Jenny, was devastated. Jenny searched extensively, even filing a report with AHS.

Fifteen months later, the people who had been keeping Pixi were evicted and abandoned the dog in the empty home. Pixi was rescued and reunited with her long-lost mom.

7. Haux

At five weeks old, this cute kitten named Haux was found on a high-traffic road and brought to AHS. Soon after being placed in foster care, Haux's health began to deteriorate. Sadly, he was diagnosed with flea anemia because of a severe amount of flea bites.

After diligent care from his foster mom and the AHS medical team, he made a full recovery and is now a healthy, happy kitten. His foster mom has adopted him as a permanent member of her family.

8. Astro

Astro came to AHS as a scared stray that couldn't see or hear. As a result, staff and volunteers had to work with Astro's sense of smell to create games that would help him learn to trust them. Three months later, his new mom Elizabeth came in searching for a dog to guard her chickens.

Elizabeth reports that "he makes up for his lacking senses with his amazing sense of smell, and he sounds the alarm when he sniffs something unusual."

9. Stitch

This poor little kitten was born with his intestines on the outside of his body. Dr. Thomas, a veterinarian with A-B Tech’s Veterinary Technician Program, was able to perform surgery on this severe birth defect. Stitch's intestines were put carefully into his body and then later his hernia was repaired.

At two months old, Stitch and another kitten, Cat Benatar, were adopted into Cathy's loving home after she read about Stitch and his story on the AHS Website.

10. Molly

Molly was surrendered to AHS with only three legs and weight-induced mobility issues. After three months of trying to find this girl a home, nothing had panned out. Holding onto hope, one of AHS’ staff members took to Facebook with a heartfelt post. Her plea for someone to just say "yes" and adopt this sweet retriever was answered the very next day by Leanne.

According to Leanne, “Molly loves going for walks and rolling in the grassI’m pretty sure she is smiling the whole time!"

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For more information about Asheville Humane Society, volunteering, or giving a year-end donation, visit ashevillehumane.org. Together we can help these precious animals find the happiness they deserve.