5 unique ways to treat your mom

Alan's Jewelry & Pawn (Asheville's experts in custom jewelry) want to help you find the perfect Mother's Day gift.

This Mother's Day, you want to give your mom the world (she is a superhero, after all).

But when browsing through racks of clothes and scrolling through pages of trinkets online, you just can't seem to find anything that shouts, "You're the BEST mom ever!" And let's be honest, does she really need any more candles or kitchenware?

No matter what you buy, whether it's jewelry or a picture frame, you should make it personal and memorable. She is the woman who changed your diapers, held you when you cried, and gave you life. Mother's Day is your chance to say, "thank you."

To help you out, Alan's Jewelry & Pawn (Asheville's experts in custom jewelry), are sharing five ways to show your appreciation through the perfect Mother's Day gift. And remember, moms can be celebrated any day of the year, so if you miss the chance to customize a gift for Mother's Day, these ideas can be used for birthdays or other special occasions.

1.A mothers ring. Using birthstones for each child or grandchild is a great way to for mom to show off her family right on her hand! Look up the birthstones of every family member. After you find the ring and settings you think mom will love, the jeweler can easily switch the stones to the birthstones you need.

2.Personalized jewelry. Customize a bracelet or watch that your mom will hold near and dear to her heart forever with a quote or message. Want to add even more flair? Have every family member's name engraved on the back of the face or inside the band.

3.Something old turned into something new. Take the sentimental family heirloom that your mom just can't bear to part with and turn it into something she can actually use. Repurpose an old ring or charm into a necklace, make a quilt out of vintage hankies, or frame lace doilies. Need some inspiration? Country Living has some crafty ideas on their website.

4.An engraved picture frame. Give a whole new meaning to the phrase "show and tell" with this gift. Pull out your favorite childhood photo of you and your mom, find a frame, and have a quote that describes your loving and caring relationship engraved at the top. (Psst! Distressed wooden frames complete the vintage look of an old photograph).

5.A pendant necklace. If mom isn't into flashy jewelry, a simple pendant necklace could be just the right amount of bling. Alan's Jewelry suggests a pendant complete with a diamond for each child or each family member. Simple and sweet does the trick.

For the last 30 years, Alan's Jewelry & Pawn has been leading the way in fine jewelry, vintage merchandise, personalized gifts, as well as jewelry repair. Stop by one of their three locations or visit their website at AlansPawn.com to find the perfect gift for your mom this Mother's Day.