Asheville's home for innovative ice cream: Rolled & Roasted

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Rolled & Roasted is the coolest ice cream in town.

Ice cream has taken on a whole new life here in Asheville, and people are flocking to try the new craze.

Remember the days where ice cream was just, well, ice cream?

Dozens of different frozen treats have grown popular in years past, such as custard, gelato, sorbet and frozen yogurt. With so many cool options to choose from, how can you possibly know where to turn for the frozen dessert that's unequivocally the best?

Whether you consider yourself uneducated in this sweet science or something of a connoisseur, consider rolling over to Rolled & Roasted to try the delicious new craze - rolled ice cream!

What is Rolled & Roasted?

When owners Elisha Lewis, Jesse Fein and Eddie Metcalfe came together to open this unique ice cream shop, they wanted to give customers more than just a simple sweet. They wanted to give them an experience unlike anything else. Of all the different frozen trends at their disposal, the three owners chose by far the "coolest" form: rolled ice cream.

Rolled & Roasted is more than just an ice cream shop. It's a place where people craving a delicate delight can watch as their wildest ice cream-fantasies come to life right before their eyes.

Established in Thailand, rolled ice cream (AKA "Thai stir-fried ice cream") is simply ice cream made on an extremely cold "grill." After cooling on the surface, the Rolled & Roasted chef pours in the choice ingredient, then scrapes the frozen substance off in coin roll-like layers, making a custom flavor mix for every customer in an exciting and unusual presentation.

Rolled & Roasted also brews coffee of all different kinds, and each bean used is brought in fresh from a roaster in Hendersonville, NC.

Why choose Rolled & Roasted?

As with their coffee beans, the ice cream ingredients at Rolled & Roasted are brought in from local farms and bakeries. What's more, their ice cream products are 100 percent dairy and organic, which differs from most other rolled ice cream vendors. Even the milk comes from cows raised in Leicester, NC, with no added hormones. This makes for an unbelievably satisfying dish that contains as little as half the calories and sugar contained in condensed desserts.

One of the many different aspects of Rolled & Roasted that can't be overlooked is the fact that the flavors change every week, and they can be seen from their website's online calendar (which is updated months in advance). However, customers are more than welcome to "create-their-own" ice cream if they don't like any of the specials on that particular day. This means that there is literally no limit to the type of ice cream you can buy, something that virtually no other vendor of its kind can say.

Rolled ice cream is one of the more unique Asian delicacies being featured in the United States. For more information on this exceptional art, be sure to visit Rolled & Roasted's booth at the Livewell Health Expo in March 2018, or sign up for their online newsletter.