Roses for Valentine’s Day: Avoiding Surge Pricing

Spicer Greene Jewelers is looking to make Valentine's Day easy for customers with free roses with purchase of jewelry.

Did you know that people spend nearly $2 billion on flowers for Valentine’s Day each and every year, or that it is second only to Mother’s Day for sales in the floral industry?

In 2010, nearly 200 million roses were sold leading up to February 14, and an astonishing 110 million of those were purchased in the United States – a number that has only increased over the last eight years. The result of such a demanding surge in production is a simple, yet troubling truth: ensuring that your loved one has flowers in the middle of February isn’t quite the forgone reality that it might be on her birthday. Oh, and it’s a lot harder on your wallet, too, considering how florists pay more for roses around this time of year.

With this being the case, how are stores like Spicer Greene Jewelers in downtown Asheville able to offer free roses with all Valentine’s Day purchases over $99? The owners of this local shop, Elliott and Eva-Michelle Spicer, reserve the roses weeks in advance, taking advantage of bulk pricing.

“Valentine’s Day is stressful for everyone,” says Spicer, “there are a lot of expectations and expenses associated with the holiday, and we wanted to make it just a bit easier for our clients. A dozen roses paired with jewelry makes a complete Valentine’s Day gift, and we get to save our customers time and money. It’s a win-win for everyone.”

While Spicer Greene’s method of reserving flowers in advance isn’t an option for the average consumer, those interested in securing some roses are urged to check out this special deal – a deal that won’t even require you to break the bank. Spicer Greene offers a variety of pendants starting at $99 through the holiday, giving you the perfect opportunity to come home with a beautiful piece your woman will love and a dozen roses while spending significantly less than the average Americans will on their significant others in the next week.

Shopping for flowers around this time of year can be a stressful and expensive affair. For those who wish to make this day both as easy and memorable as possible, come in and see what Spicer Greene has to offer. As the original jeweler of Asheville with the largest selection of diamonds and Valentine’s Day jewelry, you’re bound to find a special gift – and a dozen roses – for that special someone.

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