Pisgah over Tuscola in annual 'County Clash'

Photo credit: WLOS staff

The Pisgah-Tuscola rivalry is special because of the fans.

On Friday, as they do every year, things got intense.

For some people there is nothing more American that a good old high school football game. And for Pug Parker, there is no game greater than the County Clash.

"It means everything, I mean everything," said Parker.

He lives right across from Pisgah High School and has been counting down the hours until kickoff.

"I've sat there about three or four hours, and waited on the ball game," he said.

So much is on the line.

"It's all about bragging rights, and it's about these kids to say "Wwe beat Tuscola," Parker said.

Across the county, Charles Francis is hoping Tuscola will walk away with a win.

"I feel like this is the year Tuscola is going to break in to the victory circle," he told us on Friday.

As the anticipation built, thousands of fans packed into the stands.

"We know that our child is going to be at Tuscola one day and play in this rivalry," said one fan. "No choice, Tuscola all the way."

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