Mustangs' junior back on the field after car crash

Cody Lominac recovers in the hospital after his car crash last year (Photo courtesy of the Lominac Family)

Cody Lominac has emerged as a star on the Smoky Mountain High School varsity football roster. In week three, he scored the game winning touchdown against North Buncombe , with only 32 seconds left on the clock.

It was one of three touchdowns for Cody during the night.

"He ran a great route. The QB put it on him, and it was touchdown. We won the game," said varsity head football coach Chris Brookshire.

Everyone was proud, maybe even more than might usually be, because the players and staff know how far Cody has come.

Less than a year ago, after he was involved in a head-on collision, he couldn't even walk.

"I remember driving down the road drinking McDonald's sweet tea, and then I don't remember anything," said Cody.

The accident happened on October 20th, 2016. Cody suffered multiple injuries, a compound fracture to his left femur, a broken right ankle, and a broken nose.

When he woke up on the hospital bed, his parents and coach were by his side.

The first thing Cody thought about was football. The accident happened just before the big conference championship game against Brevard.

Cody was sad he missed it, but his disappointment was soon followed by heartbreak: The doctors told him he wouldn't be able to play football anymore.

"That was just devastating to hear. I was thinking there is no way...there is no way it's going to set me back from playing football," said Cody.

Which many bones were broken in his body, Cody's spirit was still intact.

"In the hospital bed I told Mom, 'I'm going to come back and be an all-conference player next year, I promise you,'" said Cody.

"His willpower and work ethic is second to none. He is just a tough kid and a winner," said Coach Brookshire.

With the support of his family, the football team and a community that rallied behind him, Cody, found his strength again.

"It was really uplifting. It really helped me," said Cody.

Less than a year later, the junior wide receiver was back on the field.

"My dad, he's the one who got me out of bed and we worked out everyday of the week, except for Sundays," he said. "My parents, they raised me right."

He is thankful to be alive and is determined to make a lasting impression on the field this year.

"I almost died, so I'm going to try to make this year the best, because you never know when life is going to be taken from you."

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