Game Changer: Rosman's Robb Bennett, PA announcer extraordinaire

Photo: WLOS staff

The Christmas season is a time when giving is talked about, but people are so busy that time is rarely given to anything outside of presents and decorations. On Saturday, however, hundreds in Transylvania County found time to head to Rosman High School to watch the heated rivalry game between the Tigers and the Brevard Blue Devils.

“Brevard and Rosman are so close, it‘s almost like a family reunion,” said Brevard freshman Sawyer Ayers. “Everybody knows everybody.”

Someone known to all, at least by voice, is Robb Bennett. He’s the PA announcer for Rosman basketball, calling the varsity girls and boys games.

“My kids went to school here and I kind of feel like doing this job they're still around, they're still in school,” he explained. “The Tigers are in my blood.”

It’s because of this love for the orange and black that Bennett does all the announcing for free.

“It's hard to get people to volunteer their time these days,” mused Mick Galloway, the athletic director at Brevard who also held the same position at Rosman. “People are so busy these days, and for Robb to come out when he doesn't have any vested interest says a lot about his character.”

Although he doesn’t get paid in dollars and cents, Bennett does get one benefit of lending his voice to Tigers basketball. He also sings the national anthem.

“It gives me a chance to break out of my shell and sing in public,” smiled Bennett. “if you haven't heard it, it's something to hear. He's awesome,” exclaimed Lt. Greg Stroup, School Resource Officer at Rosman.

Even though calling the games and singing the anthem adds up to more than a few hours on a given night, Bennett wants to keep giving his time. He said he’s always looking for more ways to chip in and volunteer at the school he loves.

“Robb's one of those volunteers that you need at every high school,” said Kim Green, an assistant coach for the Rosman girl’s varsity team. “You need folks who are willing to give time and come out and help with the young people.”

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