Reynolds QB Flinn shows off his skills and wins

Rising junior Alex Flinn was invited to a national skills competition last weekend in Atlanta, where he won his age group. (Photo credit: Family)

Reynolds has a reputation for producing outstanding quarterbacks. Rising junior Alex Flinn was invited to a national skills competition last weekend in Atlanta. Flinn showed off a variety of skills at a high level, earning the right to be this week's Game Changer.

The end of baseball season means it's almost time for football for Flinn, who said he has started football practice.

"We had a 7-on-7 like two weeks ago, and that was a lot of fun, but that's just the beginning of it, that's not the whole thing with the crowd all around you," he said.

Flinn played so well, he was invited to participate in a national skills competition called The Duel, which featured many of the top quarterback prospects across the country competing against each other.

The challenges included throwing from your knees, where Flinn fired a 40-yard spiral. Then there was a rollout on the run, where he drilled the target. And perhaps the toughest challenge was a throw from one side of the endzone through the uprights to the other.

"It's so much mental, too," Flinn said. "It's not just the physical part. We had to go in and take a test on coverages and reading the defense stuff."

Flinn outshined the 17 other competitors in his age group to take first place.

"And then they call me at one, and I'm just like, oh! I'm kind of in shock for a minute," Flinn said.

A gold medal was the top prize, and it was all for Flinn.

The experience should give Flinn confidence for the upcoming football season.

"My team helping me out throughout the year, going to workouts at 9 a.m. in the morning over the summer, working out everyday at school, it's just awesome," he said.

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