Rob BradleyMeteorologist/Reporter

Connect With Rob Bradley

Rob is the Weekend Morning Meteorologist. You can also see him reporting during the week. Rob is excited to be back in Western North Carolina, where his grandparents used to spend their summers. Rob is from South Florida, where lightning and hurricanes helped pique Rob’s interest in meteorology at an early age.

After spending the last 4 years as a broadcast meteorologist in California, Rob is ready and excited to see real rain again, and to take on the forecast challenge presented by Western North Carolina.

Rob earned his meteorology degree from Florida State University. He also worked as a team leader in Florida State’s student-run weather show. His interest in broadcasting began with his high school television show,

In his spare time, Rob loves to cook (AND EAT!), listen to music, watch the Seminoles, and get outside! Say hi if you pass him hiking or climbing around the Blue Ridge.